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"Best Chiwda" is "Sitashree Laxminarayan Chiwda"

“Best Chiwda” is “Sitashree Laxminarayan Chiwda”!! That’s the love & popularity we have earned in last 76 years. With the changing & ever expanding business structure, our name is changed a bit; earlier we were “Laxminarayan Chiwda” and are now “LaxmiNarayan Best Chiwda”; however, this change is only limited to our name. Neither we have changed, nor our taste!! ना हम बदले, ना स्वाद बदला. We still deliver the same authentic , delightful BEST Chiwda!!


When asked, “what makes a great brand?”, everyone tends to describe the output of the brand i.e. the experience that a consumer has when it comes to product, price, promotion and place. Everyone talks about the end result, and not what it takes to “make a brand great”.

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In case of (erstwhile) Laxminaryan Chiwda (Now, Sitashree Laxminaryan Chiwda), it was sheer penchant of chiwda-making that laid the foundation of the brand in Pune, when Mr. Laxminarayan Data, founder of the massive enterprise, had begun the journey by selling the taste of Maharashtra on the streets with a handcart. When this started in 1935, little did anyone imagined that the humble mixture of flattened rice flakes, peanuts and spices would be identified as the taste of Pune. Being a man of principles, among the first things Mr. Laxminarayan Data did was to get a license for the hawker’s business and subsequently to register the LaxmiNarayan Chiwda trademark. Today, four generations later, great passion for making chiwda, exhibiting a wide range of flavors and providing best quality to customers, thus, Laxminarayan chiwda is now known as ‘the taste of Pune.’ Recently, we have been diversified into range of Savouries, Sweets & Chaat items and have rebranded ourselves as Sitashree Laxminaryan Chiwda.
After the sad demise of Laxminarayan Ji Data, Mr. Babulal Ji Data took over the company, catalyzing our growth and building an empire out of it. The same mixture of flattened rice, exotic dry fruits, the generous pinch of asafetida and aromatic spices, is now produced in 5 different varieties. A wide range of exotic dry fruits is also now an integral part of the overall output. We are also slowly expanding our product portfolio to stay relevant to a younger generation. Recently newer varieties such as Badam Chiwda, Lite Chiwda, Farsan & Patal Poha Chiwda have been introduced.
Now we are not only limited to Pune City or the state of Maharashtra, but you can get our products anywhere in India and in 18 countries in the world. Also, 90% of the retail stores and the big supermarket chains in the city like D-mart, Big Bazar, Reliance Fresh, Dorabjee’s, Star Bazaar etc host our wide range of products proudly.
Sitashree Laxminaryan Chiwda, under the leadership of Darpan Ji Data (son of Late. Babulal Ji Data), has begun exporting its products. We are currently exporting to over 18 countries like India, USA, Canada, UK, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Dubai, Germany, South Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia, Austria, Hongkong, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam and many more. You can also now get our crunchy, tasty chiwda delivered at home by ordering it online through our website sitashreelaxminarayanchiwda.com.
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Such is our popularity in India and now growing worldwide that if you are talking about chiwda you must be talking about Sitashree Laxminarayan Best Chiwda!
Today, after 70 years, along with numerous flavors , tie-ups with different retail stores as well as supermarkets in India, we value our customer’s money and strive to provide quality to customers. With the vast demand for our products overseas, we are striving and aiming for expansion, growth and perfection in the craftsmanship of all the exotic and luscious flavors.
Sitashree Laxminarayan Chiwda has definitely carved its marked in the country as well as overseas and we are on the successful track of becoming a “global brand” with exports to many countries in Asia as well as other continents.
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Our Founders

LaxmiNarayan Ji Data
Babulal Ji Data

Core Values

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Quality Personified

To provide the best quality, hygiene, competitively priced food products to our customers.

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Brand Leade

Making brand ‘Sitashree Laxminarayan Best Chiwda' reach unimaginable heights.

Consistent Efforts

Our effort to succeed in our goals to make healthy customers.


Creative Delights

Our Vision is to give the world, a taste of Aslee Parampara. Authenticity is our identity.

Our Rich Heritage

Sitashree Laxminarayan – Chiwda, Sweets, Chaats & Much More

Sitashree Laxminarayan Best Chiwda is one of the oldest and prominent names in Pune. Mr. Laxminarayanji Data – founder of the massive enterprise sweets and namkeen has established this in 1940. The founder formulated the key recipe through careful selection, development and reviews. The beginning of the 1947s was also marked by yet another significant milestone: the establishment of Laxminarayan Chiwda. With coming generations led by Mr.Babulalj Data, chiwda became a household name to reckon with. Now the third generation Mr. Darpan Data is again following the legacy of the brand ‘LaxmiNarayan’ and foraying into the world of Sweets and Namkeen with infamous taste and renowned flavors.

The new generation of Sitashree Laxminarayan Best Chiwda has now added a new dimension – the “modern technology” to their business. A foundation strongly engraved in the ethos of quality, excellence and superior customer service has enabled the company to expand to international markets.

Our team of skilled professionals is engaged in extensive research to prepare these colorful and eye-catching sweets with a delicious taste for the sweet-tooth connoisseurs. Today, four generations later- We are here to serve you Sweets, Chats & Snacks that are enriched with dry fruits and nuts that tantalize your taste buds.

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Our Forte

To work with the same dedication and attention towards customer satisfaction and quality displayed by the founders. To carry forward the family tradition of adding joy to people’s lives with the superior quality of our preparations. Lastly, our moto shall Always remain: Authenticity is our identity.
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